Selected Poems

The 5-2 Crime Poetry Weekly, Inspector Abberline
        October, 2012

Wilderness Interface Zone, Three Mile Lake (A Prayer for Spring)
        April, 2012

The Copperfield Review, To Shelley
         February, 2012

Wilderness Interface Zone, Bush Men
         January, 2012

Wilderness Interface Zone, Eastern Exposure
         October, 2011

Wilderness Interface Zone, Canadian Shield 
         October, 2011

Wilderness Interface Zone, Ramara in Autumn
         October, 2011

New Verse News, Sassoon, 1916
         August, 2011

Pens on Fire, Stardust
         July, 2011

Generations of Poetry, The Captain
         May, 2011

Wanderings Magazine, West
         May, 2011

Copperfield Review, Bonney's Song and Varanasi on the Ganges
        July, 2010

Wanderings Magazine, Fox
May, 2010

New Verse News, Modern Art
October, 2009

July 2009

Rope and Wire, The Outlaws
July 2009

Frostwriting, In Old Montreal
July 2009

New Verse News, To Those Missing In Action
February 2009